Hearing the sweet sounds of the „Phantom of the Opera“ for the first time created the mindset that is now Lelany: being able to sing like Christine was the greatest dream the eight year old girl could imagine. Her talent was discovered one day as she was singing in her church. Every Sunday her parents dragged her to there. „The best part about it was the music“. She sang her head off. A congregant of the church approached her parents about promoting the talent.  As both of her parents were musicians, and she was already learning to play the piano, Lelany’s parents did not have to debate the issue for very long. With eleven she received her first classical singing lessons. In the following years she sang for various choirs and at special events. When she was 14 she joined the youth choir of Frankfurt, which is associated with the public broadcasting station of Hessia in Germany. Thanks to her extraordinary talent she began receiving private lessons and quickly became involved in signing for the radio and for opera performances. At 16 she sang her first opera arias. Various performances and musicals followed. In the years between 2003 and 2009 she was the voice for the trip hop project „Five Arms Red“. The band released two albums with her, “far” and „the man who lost his radio on the moon“. While she enjoyed being part of the band, she never felt that she could develop further as an artist and finally left the group after several prior separations. Thus she began to follow her true calling and began writing her own songs.